Metal Detector for Android

Metal Detector measures magnetic strength with an magnetic sensor of your devices.
The magnetic strength in nature is about 49μT. When any metal is near, magnetic strength will increase. The app shows dark blue progress when the magnetic strength is normal. When the magnetic is higher than the normality but it is not so high, the orange progress is shown. The red progress bar displays when the magnetic strength is high. The compass will show wrong direction when the magnetic strength is high. You can turn on sound alert when the magnetic strength is high from app setting.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector features:

- Reliable metal detection
- Sound alert on / off
- Compass and map
- Share location
- Camera view
- Sensor status
- Keep screen on

** Note:
- The Metal Detector app requires a magnetic sensor. This app will not work if your devices do not support the magnetic sensor.
- The Metal Detector app uses new permissions model for high security. For a certain feature to work, you have to grant access right at run time and can revoke the right whenever you want from your device' setting.
- The Metal Detector app requests three permissions from you. To allow camera view feature to work, the requests the CAMERA permission. To get location and show it on Google map, you are required to accept the LOCATION permission. The internet permission is used to get your current address.

metal detector

You can download the Metal Detector app from Play Store.

Posted by: Dara | post date: 07-22-2014 | Subject: Android Apps Development

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