About JSP

JSP (JavaServer Pages)

JSP-JavaServer Pages is a web technology that bases on Java programming language. JSP is used to build dynamic web sites. JSP pages are HTML pages embedded generate dynamic content. To learn JSP, you should already learn at least Java programming and HTML.
When you type a jsp page (the file with extension: .jsp) in a web browser of client machine computer (e.g. Firefox, IE, or Google Chrome), the web browser will send a request to the web server (e.g. Apache Tomcat, or JRUN) and the web server will use servlet engine to generate a html file and send the html file output to the browser.

JSP is easy to learn and allows web developers to build dynamic web sites and web applications quickly. Web sites built with JSP can run on many platforms such as Apache Tomcat, JRUN, Caucho Resin, or Jetty. And they also can run on many operating systems (Windows, Linux…).


What will you need?

Before you can run your Jsp web pages, you need to install Java Development Toolkit (jdk1.6.0_25) and Tomcat 6.0 or newer. You may use search engines to get these packages and instructions to install them.  


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