Java Questions Answers-Java basic syntax(PartI)

Java basic syntax(PartI)

1. In Java, A program starts with the main() method of a class?
a. True    b. False Check answer 22. The System.out.println() method is used to receive data from keyboard in a console program.
a. True   b. False
Check answer 3. The can be used to read a character from keyboard.
a. True   b. False Check answer 4. In Java, to read a string from keyboard, the BufferedReader class is used.
a. True    b. False Check answer 5. In Java, to read a numerical value from keyboard, the Scanner class is used.
a. True    b. False Check answer 6. A comment in Java language multi-line comment starts with /* and ends with */.
a. True b. False Check answer 7. In Java, which of the following is not a numerical type?    b.char    c. float    d.short   e.double Check answer 8. In Java language, which one is not the integer value?
a.12    b.'23'    c.10    d.100 Check answer 9. What is the type of each of the following constants?
a.10    b.'2'    c.10.7    d."12" Check answer 10. What is the type of each of the following constant?
a."Dara"    b.'2.9'    c."10.7"    d.13.9f    e.'\a' Check answer 11. Find any errors in the following Java program:

public static void main(String[] args){ /* This is the main method*/
Check answer


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a power b + b power a = 100
java program

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CANU SOLVE THIS :Split the input file based on number of columns, each output file should have only column.


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