VBA for Excel 2007 tutorial-insert pictures

VBA code to insert pictures

In this example, you will learn VBA code to add a picture in to your current Excel worksheet. A picture is a member of the Shapes collection. To add a picture to Excel worksheet, the AddPicture() method is used. The addPicture() has the following prototype:

AddPicture("Filename", Linktofile,Savewithdocument,Left,Top,Width,Height).

-The Filename is the file name of the picture.
-Linktofile: it has two values True or False. If True is specified, the picture displayed is linked to the source file.
-Savewithdocument: True or False can be supplied. If you supply True, the picture displayed is saved with the current document.
-Left, Top, Width, and Height represent the value of x-coordinate, y-coordinate, width, and height of the picture that will be displayed in the Excel sheet.

To run this example VBA code, you will need a Form, and a CommandButton.

VBA for Excel: vba example code to insert pictures in excel sheet
VBA code for this example:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
  'Add a picture in current project folder to the Excel worksheet
  Worksheets(1).Shapes.AddPicture _
  "ExcelVBA-color-index.png", True, True, 200, 100, 170, 170
End Sub


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