VBA example - Excel 2007: student records program

Student records program

This example is a simple program to manage the records of students. The basic functions of  program are shown below:
    -Insert a new record
    -Update the record
    -Delete the record and
    -Move the records forward and backward

On the form, other controls that we need are 7 Labels, 6 TextBoxes, and 6 CommandButtons.

The information of students are stored in the Excel worksheet(sheet1) as shown below.

Id Name Sex DOB POB Tel
1 Seyha M 9/7/1983 Kampong Thom 012 330 390
2 Channa M 9/7/1983 Kampong Thom 012 330 312
3 Lavay F 8/8/1985 Kampong Cham 098 765 444
4 Rirak Chan M 9/8/1985 Phnom Penh 089 876 900
5 Chan Ry F 9/8/1985 Phnom Penh 098 765 543
6 Sok Chea F 9/9/1984 Phnom Penh 090 765 780

VBA for Excel: records management system using VBA code

The VBA code for this example is shown below:



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