VBA for Excel 2007 tutorial-Procedure

VBA Procedure

Procedure is is a block of code to do a specific thing. In VBA, procedure is classified into sub-procedure and function. A sub-procedure is declared with the Sub keyword followed by its name and the End sub keywords are used to close the sub-procedure. The sub-procedure doesn’t return a value. A function is declared with the Function keyword followed by its name and the End Function keywords are used to close the function. The function returns a value.

-The Sub-procedure Declaration:
          Sub procedureName( [parameters])
          End sub
          Sub sum
                   Dim x,y,s As Integer
                   Msgbox "Total=" & s
          End Sub

-The Function Declaration:
          Function functionname([parameters]) As Datatype
                   functionname=value (return value)
          End Function
          Function getName() As String
                   Dim fname As String
                   fname=InputBox("Enter your name:")
          End Function
  -Calling the sub-procedure: After a sub-procedure was declared you
 can call it by using the prototype:
          Call procedurename([values of parameters])
          Example: To call the sum sub-procedure you can write:
          call sum
  -Calling the function: A function can return a value. Therefore, you can let a variable to get the value. The function can be called by using the prototype:

 Dim Variable_name As Data Type (That is the same as the function data type)
        Private Sub Command0_Click()
           Call welcome 'calling welcome sub-procedure
        End Sub
       Function getName() As String
          Dim fname As String
          fname = InputBox("Enter your name:")
          getName = fname
       End Function
      Sub welcome()
         Dim fullname As String
         fullname = getName 'calling getName function
         MsgBox "Welcome " & fullname 

  End Sub


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