C# tutorial- Loops-break and continue a loop

break and continue a loop


The break command can be used to exit a loop at any time. In the example code below, the for loop will exit when the value of i is equal to 5. The program will print "I like C# programming language." five times and then the loop will exit.


int i;
for (i = 1; i <= 10; i++)
   Console.WriteLine("I like C# programming language.");

   if(i==5) break;



The continue command lets the program start the next iteration of the loop. See the example code below. The while loop continues if i is smaller than or equal to 5.


int i=1;
while(i <= 5)
   Console.WriteLine("I like C# programming lanuage.");



Vipin Tyagi comment

 Vipin Tyagi

The continue loop not work in While condition.


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