C# tutorial OOP-methods


A method is a member of a class that can be called to perform a specific task. When you define a method, you need to specify the access level (private, protected, or public), the return type, and the name of the method. The code of the method will be placed in curly braces.

Access_Level Return_Type Method_Name{



The private keyword will be used if you want the mehtod can be accessed only in the class itself. To provide the method public access, you need to use the public keyword.

A method that does not return a value will have void type. If it designed to return a value, the return type of the method must be the same as the type of that value.


    class Student


        private string stnumber;

        private string stname;

        private string stsex;


        public void setnumber()//setnumber method


            Console.WriteLine("Enter student's number:");

            stnumber =Console.ReadLine();



        public void getnumber()//getnumber method


            Console.WriteLine("Student's number is:{0}",stnumber);






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