C# Questions Answers-C# function (PartI)

C# function (PartI)

1. What is the purpose of using functions in C# language?
a. Doing specific tasks b. Making the program to run faster
c. Reducing the number of lines of code
Check answer 2. A function can return more than one value.
a. True b. False Check answer 3.In C#, a function needs to be defined using the static keyword, so that it can be called from the Main function.
a. True b. False Check answer 4. If a function returns no value, the return type must be declared as void.
a. True b. False Check answer 5.In a function, The return statement is not required if the return type is anything other than void.
a. True b. False Check answer 6. A local variable declared in a function is not usable out side that function.
a. True   b. False Check answer 7. A function can have more than one parameter. Values of the parameters are passed to the function when it is called.
a. True   b. False Check answer 8. in C#, A function can be overloaded. Overloading a function means you can give the same name to many function, but different in their arguments.
a. True   b. False Check answer


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