C# Questions Answers-C# conditional statements (PartI)

C# conditional statements (PartI)

1. Which of the following is not a logical operator in C# language?
a.&   b.&&   c.||   d.! Check answer 2. Which of the following is not a comparison operator in C# language?
a.>   b.<=   c.=   d.== Check answer 3. There are two different ways to implement multi selections in C# language. They are 
a. else-if and switch case     b. if...else and switch case
c. else-if and case Check answer 4. Evaluate the following expressions to true or false
a.3!=4-1   b. 5>=(1+6)-4   c.5+1==6 || 8-1>4   d.5>=6 || 1<8 && 9>7 Check answer 5. if originally x=10,y=5, and z=2, evaluate the following expressions to true to false:
a.(x+1)!=y-2   b. !(x+y>20)
c.(x+1==y) || y-1>5   d.z+1>=3 || x+1<z*10 && y+3>7 Check answer 6. Simplify the following expressions by removing ! operator and parentheses:
a.!(x!=y)    b.!(x>z)    c.!(x+y>=z)    d.!(x>y || !(x>z)) Check answer


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