Typing program


Write C# code to create a typing program as shown below. The typing program has the following basic functions:

-Accepting keys input: The program has to detect the keys pressed by the user. When the user inputs the correct key, the equivalent letter, number, or symbol in the text box will be in green color and the the corresponding button on the keyboard also in green color. However, if the incorrect key is pressed the red color will be used to constitute the green color.

-Allowing the user to reload the typing board: When the user clicks on the Reload button, the program will take the user back to the state where the program firstly loads.

-Displaying the information about the time spent in second, the number of correct and incorrect keys pressed: The time spent in second is taken in to account when the program firstly loads. It increases in every one second. It will stop when the user types all characters in the text box and the number of correct and incorrect keys also shown at this time.

-Allowing the user to choose lesson to play: The program provides two lessons( Lesson1 and Lesson2) that the user can choose to play with. The text of every lesson will be loaded in to the text box when the user clicks on Lesson button.

-Providing a menu to exit and minimize the program: The last function of the typing program is to display a menu that the user can click to exit the program or minimize the typing board.

C# typing program

Solution: To keep the solution simple and to be sure that you can follow the tutorial of creating the typing program, we divide the solution in to different steps that you can see in the subsequent pages.


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