C# tutorial: a Simple Dictionary-Interface Design

Interface Design

Now, you understand overall idea of project. Lets move to the interface design phase. To complete this phase you need to follow the steps below:

-Open Visual Studio 2008 and create a new project by going to File menu-->select New and click on Project...

-The New Project dialog opens.

-In the New Project dialog, under Project Types select Visual C#, and select Windows Form Application under Tamplates. In the Name box type SampleDictionary.

VB net create a new project  

-You can click Browser you choose the location to store your project files.

-Click Ok. Then you will see a default form named Form1.

-Right-Click on the form and select properties to display the properties window of the form.

-On the Property Manager tab. You will need to set the Text property to KDictionary and the Name property to Dic.

-Set the form Backcolor property to Inactivecaption.

-Set the form FormBorderStyle property to FixedDialog to make the form borders unresizable.

Seting form properties  

-Expand the Toolbox on the left side to display a list of Visual Basic controls and components.

-Drag and drop one ListBox on to the form.

-Rename the list box by setting its Name property to Lstterms.

-Drag and drop one Textbox on the form above the list box. Then drag and drop one RichTextbox to the right of the list box. You need to set the Name property of the textbox to Txtbox, and set the Name property of the rich text box to Txtresult. The fore color of the rich textbox is set to MenuHighlight by using the its Forecolor property. Its ReadOnly property is also set to True. This will not allow users to edit the text in the rich text box.

-To add a menu to the form, you need to drag and drop MenuScript from the Toolbox.

Add Menu  

-Type &File in The Type Here box and in the next Type Here type &Help.

-Type &Close in to the Type Here box under the File menu and type &About... in to the Type Here box under the Help menu.

Now we finish the interface design of our simple dictionary. Then we will move to Create Database phase.


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