C++ exercises and solutions: Remove item from Stack


Remove item from Stack

Step 4: Remove an item of the Stack

The Stack allows you to remove its first item only. The removing the item process can be done at the beginning of list. When the Stack contains only one element, you just assign the NULL values to the pfirst and plast.

If the Stack contains more than one item, You will need a temporary pointer(temp) to point to the first element and update the pfirst to point to its next item. Then assign NULL value to the temporary pointer.

The C++ code to remove an item from the Stack is shown below:

//Remove an item
ListElem *Pop(){

if(countitem()>0){ //make sure the list is not empty.
ListElem *temp,*del;

if(countitem()==1){ //The list contains only one item

else{ //The list contains more than one item
return del; //return the deleted item
}else return NULL;



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its all waste i need a full program from void main


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