C++ exercises and solutions: Doubly Linked List-OOP

C++ OOP: Doubly Linked List

Exercise: create a doubly linked list in C++ programming language by using Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) concept.

The doubly linked list is much similar to the singly linked list, except that in the doubly linked list, we add a previous link to the element of the list. By doing this the list can be traversed forward and backward.

doubly linked list in C++

In this solution to the exercise, we are going to build a doubly linkedlist that has two pointers--one(pfirst) points to the first item of the list and another one(plast) point to the last item of the list. The program also provides a menu of choices that a user can use do some operations on the linkedlist.

doubly linkedlist operations menu in C++  

To keep the solution simple, we divide it in to different steps as you see their links on the right menu.


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