C++ exercises and solutions: display menu

C++ structure exercise: display menu

C++ Structure exercise: Student Records Management program

Step 2: Defining the displaymenu() method to display the menu. The simple menu provides nine choices from 1 to 9 to work with the records.

//Menu construction
void displaymenu(){
cout<<" MENU "<<"\n";
cout<<" 1.Add student records"<<"\n";
cout<<" 2.Delete student records"<<"\n";
cout<<" 3.Update student records"<<"\n";
cout<<" 4.View all student records"<<"\n";
cout<<" 5.Calculate average score of a student"<<"\n";
cout<<" 6.Show student who gets the max total score"<<"\n";
cout<<" 7.Show student who gets the max total score"<<"\n";
cout<<" 8.Find a student by ID"<<"\n";
cout<<" 9.Sort records by TOTAL"<<"\n";


Dejene Geresu comment

 Dejene Geresu

It is good

the dust comment

 the dust

cout<<" 7.Show student who gets the min* total score"<<"\n";
the min not the max


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