One-line forum in ASP.NET C#


This is an online programming forum website created in ASP.NET by using C# programming language. It is an outcome of a year IV group assignment of IT department, Cambodia Cooperation Institute. It is a nice forum that can be used as a real online forum to allow the programming lovers to discuss programming problems. In this forum website, a user must register to create a valid account to post a question or answer a question. Before you can post questions or answers to questions, you must activate your account by clicking the confirmation link sent to your mail box. An admin user have a full privileges in the website. This account can create other admin accounts, add new categories, and block users. You might refer to the MyForum.pdf in the zip file that can be download at the right side of this page to learn steps to build the forum website and its source code. The limitation of the forum website is that the users cannot edit their questions or answers.
This forum website might be useful to ASP.NET learners that need help from a sample website application. Thank people of the group assignment very much.

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