GPS Map for Android

GPS Map application is all about the maps, travel direction, and navigation. It is FREE. Let try it. The GPS Map app has small download size so it saves your time, bandwidth, and space.

🚀 GPS Map, Navigate, Locations & Address is a simple tool to navigate to places that you want. It lets you quickly locate your positions on Google Map, helps you find direction when you need, and allow you to share your locations and address to friends.

GPS map route finder track car movement

😚 The GPS Map app provides different ways to select a destination of your trip. You can click on the map to choose the destination, search the destination from the powerful Google places API using auto complete text box, or click on a mark of nearby places to select it as the destination.

🎯 The GPS Map app tracks your current location and allows you to share the current location to friends or family.

GPS Map current location tracking 

👉 The compass tells you the true north direction. The compass accuracy depends completely on the sensors in your device! If this compass points to the wrong direction, you need to calibrate your devices.

GPS Map Features:

- Address Finder - Copy, save, share, and generate QR code of a location
- Camera View
- Compass Mode
- Speedometer
- Weather information (click on the map to see weather information of the location)
- Note to record events or tasks at locations
- Calendar to view notes by month

You can download the GPS Map app from Play Store.

Posted by: Dara | post date: 07-22-2014 | Subject: Android Apps Development

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