GPS Map for Android

GPS Map application is all about the maps, travel direction, and nearby places. It is FREE. Let try it. The GPS Map app has small download size so it saves your time, bandwidth, and space.

🚀 You can use it to route your trips and track your car movement. Estimate time and distance information are displayed when a route between the current location and destination is made.

GPS map route finder track car movement

😚 The GPS Map app provides different ways to select a destination of your trip. You can click on the map to choose the destination, search the destination from the powerful Google places API using auto complete text box, or click on a mark of nearby places to select it as the destination.

GPS map search place

🏭 You can view and route to restaurants, cafes, ATMs, gas stations, police stations, shopping malls, hospitals, pharmacies, and book stores around you.

GPS map route trip view nearby places

🌳 If you want to check the view of a destination place before you go there, you can use Street View feature. You choose the destination by searching (auto complete) or clicking on the map.

GPS map street view

🚗 It can be used to show traffic jams near your current location. So that you choose a best road to go.

🎯 The GPS Map app tracks your current location and allows you to share the current location to friends or family.

GPS Map current location tracking 

👉 The compass tells you the true north direction. The compass accuracy depends completely on the sensors in your device! If this compass points to the wrong direction, you need to calibrate your devices.

GPS Map Features:

- Accurate and shortest route from your current location to a destination
- Powerful places search from Google api
- Precise distance and duration of the trip
- Live traffic
- Street view
- Accurate compass
- Current location tracking using GPS and Network
- Current address, latitude, and longitude
- View nearby places
- Switch between multiple map views (normal, satellite, terrain, and hybrid)
- Small download size
- Effective use of battery

** Note:
- You need to have internet access to view map, search places, view nearby places, check live traffic, and route a trip.
- The compass app uses new permissions model for high security. For a certain feature to work, you have to grant access right at run time and can revoke the right whenever you want from your device' setting.
- The app requests location, and network permissions to get current location (using GPS or network) of your devices and display it on Google map.

You can download the GPS Map app from Play Store.

Posted by: Dara | post date: 07-22-2014 | Subject: Android Apps Development

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