LED Flashlight for Android

LED Flashlight app is easy to use and bright flashlight. It has a lot of features and functions. With the LED Flashlight app, it is possible to turn on LED flashlight and camera view at the same time. So, you can light up something even in narrow space. You can quickly turn on or off LED flashlight and screen light from notification bar.
By enabling auto Dim Screen from app setting, you are saving your device's battery and reduce blue light impact on your eyes while LED flashlight is working.
The LED Flashlight app also includes Accurate Compass and Google map features that can help you find directions of your trips, view and share your current location to friends and families.

flashlight for android
LED Flashlight Features:

- Simple and super bright torch light
- Blink mode of flashlight
- Dim screen to save battery
- Camera view
- Accurate compass
- Current location and Google map
- Share your location to your friends or family
- Battery charge level & temperature level
- Turn on/off flashlight from notification bar
- Turn on/off screen light from notification
- Customize screen light color
- Small file size

- The LED flashlight app uses new permissions model for high security. For a certain feature to work, you have to grant access right at run time and can revoke the right whenever you want from your device' setting.
- The LED flashlight app requests four permissions from you. As LED flashlight is part of camera hardware, you need to accept the CAMERA permission. To allow current address and location on Google map, you are required to accept the LOCATION permission. Drawing over other apps permission is needed to reduce screen brightness to save battery and reduce blue light impact on your eyes. Screen light need writing settings permission.

flashlight for android

You can download the Flashlight app from PlayStore.

Posted by: Dara | post date: 07-22-2014 | Subject: Android Apps Development

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