Day Countdown - Event Countdown & Widget

The Day Countdown - Event Countdown & Widget is easy to track your events on Calendar and on your home screen with widgets. It shows the number of days, weeks, or months left until a specific date of an event. You can place the countdown on your home screen using customizable widgets.

Features of Day Countdown - Event Countdown & Widget:
- Add widget to home screen
- Customize widget background color, text color, and image
- Customize background and text color of app
- Can exclude weekend from counting
- Export and import event list in csv file
- Countdown hour if day left less than 1
- Crop image
- Each countdown widget is recorded in the main app
- Can use existing events to create widgets.
- Can input number of days to countdown
- Add events to calendar
- Day and week countdown
- Notify 1 day before an event occurs
- Edit and delete events from calendar
- Import events from built-in calendar
- List of all events added to the Day Countdown calendar
- Show days and week until the events occurs
- Share event to Facebook, Telegram, Messenger.etc
- Bottom sheet to show all events in the visible month
Day Countdown - Event Countdown & Widget
How to use Day Countdown app
: 1. Add events: use the float circle button to add an event. In the add event screen, you fill in the form or import events from the built-in calendar.
2. View events of a month: use bottom sheet to list all events of the visible month. To view events of a date, just click the date on the calendar.
3. View all events: use the event icon on the top to show all events. Events are automatically sorted by date.
4. Edit, delete and share event: from the events list, you will see icons to perform these functions.
5. Widget: please watch the the video to see how to add widget to home screen

Event Countdown - Calendar

Day Countdown - color change

Day Countdown - Widget

You can download the Day Countdown - Event Countdown & Widget app from Play Store.

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