Tiny App Lock for Android

Tiny App Lock is a simple and fast to lock apps on your phone. For example, you can prevent gallery from opening by locking it with a password pattern. When the gallery app opens, an password screen overlays on the top. The password overlay screen automatically closes if a correct pattern has been made.
You can lock any app. To achieve stronger security, you enable device admin from app setting to prevent the app from uninstalling.

tiny app lock for android

Tiny App Lock Features:

- Pattern to lock apps
- Easy to lock and unlock apps
- Reset password
- Uninstall prevention
- Small file size

Tiny App Lock Permissions:

- The Tiny App Lock requires Drawing Over Other Apps permission to display password overlay screen on top of an unauthorized app.
- The Usage Stats permission is also mandatory to get current running apps.
- The Device Admin permission is optional. It allows the app to prevent its uninstall. You should enable this option to achieve better protection.

Tiny app lock for android

You can download the Tiny App Lock app from Play Store.

Posted by: Dara | post date: 07-22-2014 | Subject: Android Apps Development

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