Convert string to number and vice versa

When you are writing a computer program, you might want to convert a string to number or vice versa. This might be a problem for C++ beginners. This tip helps you to solve this problem.

In C++, you can use the atoi, atol, atof, and strtod functions to convert a string to integer, long, float, and double numbers respectively. In contrast, you will use the str() method of the ostringstream class to convert a number to string. The ostringstream class is in the sstream header file. You need to include this header file by adding the line: #include<sstream> to the header section of your program.

In the example program keeps data of a number of students. Each student contains id, name, final score, and mid-term score. These data are string values that will be input by user. A two-dimensional array is used to store the data. After the data are input, the program will display the data in a table. This table also includes the total scores of each student. A total score is calculated by adding the final and mid-time scores together.

using namespace std;

void st(int n){
   int c=5;
   string ar[n][c];
   char con='y';
   int i=0;
   while((con!='n') && (i<n)){
           cout<<"final score:";
           cout<<"mid score:";
           cout<<"Press y to continue or n to stop:";
       int j=0;
               ostringstream oss;
       for(int r=0;r<i;r++)
             for(int c=0;c<5;c++)

int main()

st(2); //two students for an example
return 0;


Posted by: Dara | post date: 12-31-2013 | Subject: C++ Programming Language

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