Android listview divider color

By default, Android provides simple divider between every row of a ListView. However, it is possible to customize the divider. You can apply your own custom shape, height, and color to the divider. In this Android tip, I am going to show how to achieve the goal.
Let’s add a ListView to the activity_main.xml file. There are two attributes of the ListView that make the divider work: android:divider and android: dividerHeight. The value of the divider attribute will be a custom drawable that defines the shape and color of the divider. You specify the height of the divider using android:dividerHeight attribute.

activity_main.xml file

<LinearLayout xmlns:android= ""
   xmlns:tools= ""
     android:id="@+id/listv"      android:layout_width="match_parent"      android:layout_height="wrap_content"      android:divider="@drawable/customdivider"      android:dividerHeight="4dp"      /> </LinearLayout>

Now you create a custom drawable xml file. In the file, you specify the shape using <shape> tag and android:shape attribute. You use <solid> tag to define the color and <corners> tag to set color and corners radius of the shape.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<shape xmlns:android= ""

   <corners      android:radius="2dp"      /> </shape>

In the res/layout directory, you create a layout file called list_layout that defines row template of the ListView.

List_layout.xml file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""

      android:layout_height="wrap_content" />

To display the ListView, in the onCreate() method of the MainActivity class, you write code as shown below.

String[] items={"Item1","Item2","Item3","item4","item5","item6","item7"};      
ListView listv=(ListView)findViewById(;

ArrayAdapter<String> adapter=new ArrayAdapter<String>(this,R.layout.list_layout,,items);      listv.setAdapter(adapter);

listview divider color

Posted by: Dara | post date: 05-05-2015 | Subject: Android Apps Development

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