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PHP Programming

Php copy files from

Hi, i need to copy files from a directory to another directory on my hosting server. For e...
By iron_robot   -  1 replies   -  2015-08-22

Get a blank thumbnai

Hi everyone, now i have a problem with my php code. I used the code as shown below to uplo...
By dany2012   -  1 replies   -  2015-08-08

Get list of dates be

In my php web page, i need to generate a report to display a list of products. The product...
By world_love   -  1 replies   -  2015-08-01

how to add one hour

Now i know how to get the current datetime to be the starting datetime on my php page. How...
By vathana.serey   -  2 replies   -  2015-07-11

Encrypt / Decrypt ph

Encrypt / Decrypt php code I want to Encrypt my php code for take it to host internet bec...
By sovann.sim8   -  0 replies   -  2014-09-30

php include function

Hello ! I have a problem with php include function. I have 3 file of php. There are index....
By nethphan   -  2 replies   -  2013-09-28

PHP script not worki

I am trying to embed PHP file in HTML page as follows: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-...
By lrrsailo   -  1 replies   -  2012-11-12

PHP code

How to write PHP code to validate a user phone number?...
By theary.sorn   -  1 replies   -  2012-05-01

PHP class object

How to create class and object in PHP?...
By theary.sorn   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-29

PHP object

How to create class and object with PHP code? ...
By sina.lolo   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-27

PHP code get values

How can i use PHP code get values from textboxes?...
By ironman33   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-25

PHP replace

I need PHP code to replace part of text type in a textarea box.Thank...
By sambath44   -  2 replies   -  2012-04-23


How to write PHP code to redirect page?...
By   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-20

PHP code

How to write PHP code to get the values of variables from other pages?Thnk...
By meetona   -  2 replies   -  2012-04-15


What is PHP? Is it good for web coding today?...
By sambath44   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-11

PHP class and object

Please guide me to create class and object in PHP....
By komo2011   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-07

PHP & Mysql

Please give me a sample code to connect PHP and Mysql database....
By   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-07


Please give me a sample code to connect PHP with Mysql. Thk...
By dominic99   -  1 replies   -  2012-03-14


Give me the examples of using while and do while statement and explain me in detail for ea...
By lena   -  1 replies   -  2012-03-12


How to create object and class in PHP?...
By dave-khem   -  1 replies   -  2012-03-11

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