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C++ Programming

c++ programming...He

This is a simple supermarket POS system accepts input of items purchased, calculates the t...
By colawow7   -  4 replies   -  2017-08-16

Please help me with

I used code blocks software in c++ language #include"iostream" using namespace std; int...
By Kiarashkk2000   -  1 replies   -  2017-06-18


I don't clearly understand the choice of the libraries used in exercise one. that said, t...
By suhtheo7   -  0 replies   -  2016-03-15


I don't clearly understand the choice of the libraries used in exercise one. that said, t...
By suhtheo7   -  0 replies   -  2016-03-15

Solution to a c++ pr

Hai, Can anyone help me to solve this program. Write a function in C++ to count number...
By naijaanesh   -  1 replies   -  2016-02-15

please what are the

Consider each of the following code fragments below that could be part of a C++ program. E...
By francisokyere51   -  0 replies   -  2015-05-17

plese source code fo

Write a C++ program using functions that accepts a single integer value entered by the use...
By francisokyere51   -  1 replies   -  2015-05-17

to reverse anumber

write a program to reverse a number using for loop ...
By shivasamkumar1   -  2 replies   -  2014-04-04

need this in C++

Write a class that stores following information of players: Name of player Country of pl...
By mueen.iiui   -  1 replies   -  2013-10-14

I need this Urgently

• 1. Marcy's Department store is having a BoGotto(Buy One,Get One HalfOff) sale. The sto...
By precious.alferez1996   -  1 replies   -  2013-08-07

C++ singly linked li

Please give me C++ code to create singly linked list in C++. Thx...
By Bravid2011   -  1 replies   -  2012-11-07


Can you explain this c++ code: cout<<left<<setw(50)<<setfill('*')<&l...
By theary.sorn   -  1 replies   -  2012-10-23

C++ 2D array

Please give me the example C++ code of using 2D array....
By sina.lolo   -  1 replies   -  2012-07-07

C++ stack and queue

What is the difference between stack and queue?...
By dominic99   -  1 replies   -  2012-05-13

C++ print start patt

How to write C++ code to print this star patterns: * *** ***** ******* ?...
By ironman33   -  1 replies   -  2012-05-06


C++ code to find and replace characters in a string?...
By kalmark.bla   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-28

C++ random number

Please give me C++ code to generate random number from 1 to 6. Thanks...
By   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-26

C++ graphic

How to write c++ code to display shapes?...
By vibol.yen   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-12

C++ exercises

Please recommend me C++ tutorial i can practice with exercises....
By daniel-account   -  1 replies   -  2012-04-10

C++ random number

I generated random number with C++ code. It works but the numbers produced mostly are dupl...
By lena   -  1 replies   -  2012-03-19

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