MS Word 2007 tutorial-Make different headers

Make different headers

Normally, when you insert page headers/footers in a document, you will notice that all pages of the document will have the same headers/footers. However, it is not all the cases that you need. Sometimes, you need to make the different sections of your document contains different headers/footers. For example, you have a two-page document. You want the header text of the first page is Header 1 and the header text of second page is Header 2. To do this, follow the steps below:

1.Set section break

You need to divide the document into two sections. Section one contains one page and section two contains one page.
              -Put the cursor in the page one

-Click Page Layout(on the menu)—>Breaks

-Under Section Breaks, select Next Page

2.Insert header

-Click insert—> the Header &Footer group, select Header and choose header style

3.Clear "Same As Previous" from the second section

-Click on the first page of section two in header or footer block. You will see the phrase “Same As Previous” in the right.

-Click Link to Previous in the design group of header & footer tools to clear “Same as previous”

Now you try to change the header text of the section two to Header 2 and the header text of the section one two Header1.

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