MS Word 2007 tutorial-Make different page borders

Make different page borders

Suppose that you have 3-page document. You want each page of your document has different page border. For example, the first page has thick line page border; the second page has a page border like fruit and the last page has a star page border.

Normally when you apply a page border to your document, this border style will affect all of your pages. That is what we don’t want sometimes. To apply different page borders in a document, you first divide the document in to different sections. The number of sections you create is based on the points that you want the document contain different things.

In our case now, our document has 3 different things (border 1: thick line, border: fruit and border 3: star). Therefore, the document needs to be divided in to 3 sections. The first section contains one page; the second section contains one page and the last section contains one page too.


1.     Make sure the cursor is on the first page then go to Page Layout->Breaks->Section Breaks->Next page

2.     Put the cursor in the second page then again go to Page Layout->Breaks->Section Breaks->Next page

Note: To divide a document in to 3 sections we need to insert the section break only two times.

3.     Now the document has 3 sections. The next is to apply page border to each section.

a.     Put the cursor on the first page then go to Page Layout->Page Border to open the Borders and Shading dialog. On this dialog under Setting select box, under Style select line symbol, and under Width select 3 pt. You will also need to select “This section” under Apply to.  Now you have the thick line border on the first page.

b.     Put the cursor on the second page. To set the second page with the fruit style border, you can do as the point a. But you need to select fruit style symbol under the Art.


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