Microsoft Word 2007 exercises

Microsoft Word 2007 exercises

Exercise 1

Objective: open Microsoft Word 2007, create a new document, save a file, open the file, typing…

-Open Microsoft Word 2007:
1. Press Windows logo+R->type winword in Open text box and click OK
2. Start button->All programs->Microsoft Office->Microsoft Office Word 2007

-Create a new document:
1. Press Ctrl+N or
2. Office button->New

-Save file:
1. Press Ctrl+S or
2. Shift+F12 or
3. Office button->Save or Save As…

-Open file:
1. Press Ctrl+O or
2. Office button->Open

-Practice typing:

Microsoft Word 2007 is popular among Microsoft Office users. Microsoft Word 2007 provides powerful tools to create professional-looking documents.

In terms of creating professional documents, you can add predefined styles, table, list, graphical effects, and more.
Spelling and grammar errors checker is a useful tool used to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

With Microsoft Word 2007, you can easily share your document with your group members and track what they added, edited, ore removed in the document.

What I like very much is that it can help me to generate automatic table of contents. This can save a lot of time to type the table of contents when you work with a long document that has many points to talk.

There are other useful features of Microsoft Word 2007 that I cannot describe in just a short text like this.

Exercise 2

Objective: use Cut, Copy, Paste commands, make text underlined, bold, or italic, change font, and apply page set up

-Cut text: select the text and press Ctrl+X
-Copy text: select the text and press Ctrl+C
-Paste text: place cursor where you want to place the text, then press Ctrl+V
-Make text underlined: select the text and press Ctrl+U
-Make text bold: select the text and press Ctrl+B
-Make text italic: select the text and press Ctrl+I
-Change font of text: Select the text, then go to Home tab and select font name and size
-Apply page setup (page margins, size, and orientation):
  +Page Layout->Margins->select predefined margins or specify your own margins with Custom Margins...
  +Page Layout->Size->select your prefer size: A3, A4, A5, B3, etc.
  +Page Layout->Orientation->select Portrait or Landscape

Exercise 3:

Objective: divide a page in to sections or blocks
In this exercise, you will use Breaks to divide a page in to 5 sections or blocks as shown below.

Word 2007 exercise section break

-Divide the page in to two sections
   +Page Layout->Breaks->Continuous (Section Breaks)
-Divide the second section in to two section. Then you will get three sections.
   +Select the second section (click mouse in front of section where you see the mouse pointer), then go to Page Layout->Breaks->Continuous again

-Put cursor in the first section, type Block1

-Divide the second section in to two columns
  +Select the second section->Page Layout->Column->select Two
  +In the left column, type Block 2 and in the right column type block3

-Divide the third column in to two columns
  +Select the third section->Page Layout->Column->select Left
  +In he left column, type Block 4 and in the right column type Block 5

-Apply different color to each section
  +Select a section and go to Home. In Paragraph group select Shading icon and choose a color

Note: When a section is divided in to columns you will see the first column, but may not see the second or third column. To quickly switch between columns in each section, press Shift+Ctrl+Enter.

Exercise 4

Objective: add graphical effects

Micrsoft word 2007 exercises graphical effect

-Insert->Shapes->select Heart

-Right-click the heart shape->Format AutoShape...

-In Colors and Lines tab, select Fill Effects...

-Select Picture tab, then choose your picture by clicking select picture..

-Click OK

Exercise 5

Objective: prevent document from editing

This line of document is protected. You cannot modify it.

This line of document is not protected. You can modify it.

-Select text of your document that you don't want to prevent from editing
-Review->Protect Document...
-From Protect Document drop down list, select Restrict Formatting and Editing
-In Restrict Formatting and Editing panel showing on the right side, select tick Allow only this type of editing in the document and accept default value of the dropdown list (No changes(Read Only))
-Tick to accept Everyone under Exceptions (Optional)
-Click Yes, start reinforcing protection button
-Enter your password
-Click OK

Micrsoft word 2007 exercises protect document


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