VB.NET tutorial-menu circularly linked list

VB.NET OOP example

Menu to operate circularly linked list

Step 8: Display a menu of choices

To show the menu that allow the user to choose an operation on the linked list, you need the showmenu() and select() functions as shown below:

Public Sub showmenu()
        Console.WriteLine("Circularly LinkedList Operations Menu")
        Console.WriteLine("1.Add a new item")
        Console.WriteLine("2.Delete an item")
        Console.WriteLine("3.Show number of items")
        Console.WriteLine("4.Show min and max items")
        Console.WriteLine("5.Find an item")
        Console.WriteLine("6.Show all items")
    End Sub
    Public Sub SelectChoice()
        Dim mylist As CirLinkedList = New CirLinkedList()
        Dim val, ch, pos As Integer
        Dim yes As String = "y"
        While String.Compare(yes, "y") = 0
            Console.Write("Enter your choice:")
            ch = CInt(Console.ReadLine())
            Select Case ch
                Case 1
                    val = CInt(Console.ReadLine())
                    pos = CInt(Console.ReadLine())
                    mylist.insert(val, pos)
                Case 2
                    pos = CInt(Console.ReadLine())
                Case 3

                    Console.WriteLine("Number of items:{0}", mylist.countitem())
                Case 4

                    If Not IsNothing(mylist.findmin()) And Not IsNothing(mylist.findmax()) Then

                        Console.WriteLine("Min item:{0}/Max item:{1}", mylist.findmin().val, mylist.findmax().val)
                    End If
                Case 5
                    Console.Write("Find what:")
                    val = CInt(Console.ReadLine())
                    If Not IsNothing(mylist.find(val)) Then

                        Console.WriteLine("Found:{0}", mylist.find(val).val)
                    Else : Console.WriteLine("Not found")
                    End If
                Case 6
                    Console.WriteLine("All items in the list:")
                Case 7 : Environment.Exit(0)
                Case Else : Console.WriteLine("Invalid choice")
            End Select
            Console.Write("Continue? Press y:")
            yes = Console.ReadLine().ToString()
        End While


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