PHP tutorial-PHP operators

PHP operators

Assignment Operator

= sign is used as the assignment operator in PHP. The assignment operator is used to assing a value to a variable.



Arithmetic operators

Operator Description Example Result
+ Addition a=1+2 3
- Subtraction a=3-1 2
* Multiplication a=2*5 10
/ Division 10/2 5
% Modulus (division remainder) 10%2 0
++ Increment a=3 a++   a=4
-- Decrement a=3 a-- a=2


Comparison operators

The comparison operators as shown below are used to compare two variables or expressions. The result of the comparison operation can be true or false.

Operator Description Example
== equal to 1==2 evaluated to false
!= not equal 1!=2 evaluated to true
> greater than 1>2 evaluated to false
< less than 1<2 evaluated to true
>= greater than or equal to 1>=2 evaluated to false
<= less than or equal to 1<=2 evaluated to true

Logical Operators

The logical operations are used to do the logical operations of two variables or expressions. We have three logical operators in PHP. The && operator represents the logical and operation. The || operator represents the logical or operation. And the ! operator represents the logical not operation. 


Operator Description Example
&& and x=1 y=2 (x < 5 && y > 1) evaluated to true
|| or x=1 y=2 (x>2 || y>1) evaluated to true
! not x=1 y=2 !(x==y) evaluated to true


Compound Operators

Each compound operator combines two operators together. For example a compound operator might combines the adding operator and the assignment operator.

Operator Example The Same As
+= x+=y x=x+y
-= x-=y x=x-y
*= x*=y x=x*y
/= x/=y x=x/y
.= x.=y x=x.y
%= x%=y x=x%y

Sting concatenation operator (.)

In PHP, the point symbol (.) is used to concatenate strings.



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