PHP tutorial: class inheritance


Class inheritance

The most importance advantage of OOP is reusability and extendability. By using the inheritance, you will be able to reuse the original features of the super class and add more features to the class without modifying it. The new features are defined in the derived classes. To do so you need to use the extends keyword.


class People{
 protected $name;
 protected $sex;
 function People($name,$sex){

class Employee extends People{
 private $id;
 private $salary;
 function Employee($id,$name,$sex,$salary){

function printInfo(){
  echo "Id=".$this->id."<br />";
  echo "Salary=".$this->salary."<br />";
  echo "Name=".$this->name."<br />";
  echo "Sex=".$this->sex."<br />";
$emp=new Employee("2233","Dara","M",40000);



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