JavaScript tutorial-calculator


In this small sample project, you will learn to create a simple JavaScript calculator. This calculator has only one text box and sixteen buttons. The text box allows users to enter numbers to be calculated and shows the result. The input numbers and result are  shown above the text box. This will help the user see the progress of the operation easily. The nine of sixteen buttons are labeled from 0 to 9 and named from button0 to button9. These nine buttons let users to input number characters to the text box by clicking on them. The rest of buttons are adding, subtracting, multiplying, diving, showing result, and clearing buttons. The functions of these buttons will discuss later.

JavaScript simple calculator  

Now lets consider some restrictions to make the calculator more sense:

-Users can input only ten characters at a time in to the text box.

-Only the number character is allowed when the key is pressed.

Now you understand the requirements, as well as some restrictions of our simple calculator. Next we will move to the Interface Design phase.


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