Include video in the web page

The <embed> tag includes a video clip in a web page.

There are other options to add to this tag to control the playback:

src=path to movie file name can be relative or full URL

width/height=width/height of the movie window

autoplay=true/false--whether the movie should automatically start playing or wait for user to click the play button

controller=true/false --whether the movie displays a control bar the bottom

href=URL--location to send visitor if they click on the movie

target=window name that allows href to be displayed in another browser window

loop=true/false--whether the repeat the movie in a loop

pluginspage=URL--where to send a visitor that does not have the QuickTime plug-in




<title>Playing sound file</title>




<embed src="Kalimba.mp3" width="100" height= "100"></embed>





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