CSS tutorial-format list


Format list

By using list-style property of unordered list or ordered list (<ul> or <ol>) you can set all the attributes for a list. This allows you to access to the list-style-tyle, list-style-position, and list-style-image.


The values of the list-style-type are bullets. They can be disc, circle, square, decimal, upper –roman, lower-roman, upper-alpha, and lower-alpha. The values of list-style-position can be inside or outside. The value of list-style-image is the image file to be used in the list.





<title>Format list</title>



    #menu li{


            list-style: circle inside url(image294.gif)  ;

            float: center;

            font: normal 12pt Couriew New






    <strong>Computer tutorials</strong>


    <ul id="menu">

    <li>C programming tutorial

    <li>C++ programming tutorial

    <li>Java programming tutorial

    <li>CSS tutorial

    <li>HTML tutorial





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