C++ tutorial-print text on the screen

Printing text on the screen

The cout command can be used to print the values of variables on the screen. If you want to print a string value, you need to place the string value in dobule quotes. To print a variable, you won't need to place the variable in double or single quotes. You can print many values or variables with a single cout statement. Each value or variable must be preceeded by the << sign. See the example below.

char *s = "Dara";
cout << "Your name is " << s;

Reading values from keyboard

The cin command is used for reading values that are entered by the user. When you read a value you must store it in a variable. The below example prompts the user to enter his/her name. The s variable is used to store the characters of the name. You can use a single line of cin statement to input many values. Each variable that stores the value must be proceeded by the >> sign.

char *s;
cout << "Enter your name: ";
cin >> s;

Constant Variable

A constant variable is a variable whose value cannot be changed later by the code in the program. The value of a constant must always be set when it is declared. There are two ways to declare a constant in C++ language. The first is to use const keyword before the variable.

const PI = 3.14;

The second way is to use #define to create a constant.

#define PI 3.14


Harrison comment


Some compilers don't like const PI = 3.14;
some require const float PI = 3.14;

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help me in c++ plzzzz

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