C++ tutorial-basic syntax

C++ Basic Syntax

In the previous post, you learned to create simple Hello World program in C++ by using Notepad or Dev-C++ editor. This tutorial teaches you the basic syntax of C++ programming language that you should know since you are new to this computer programming language.

- #include<iostream>
It is a statement written down to include iostream header file that will allow us to use the command to receive input from users and display text on the screen.

- using namespace std;
The statement will import std namespace and allow us to use commands without having to type out their full names.
A namespace defines names of variables or functions so that they do not conflict with other variables or functions that have the same names.

- C++ program will start from the main method:
int main()


-return 0;
This statement will tell the C++ compiler that your program ends here without any error.
A value other than zero will be treated as abnormal termination by the operationg system.

-cout followed by <<

 It is used to print text on the screen.


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Can you amplify "the using namespace std "?

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