C tutorial-C programming ?

What is C Programming ?

C is a structured programming language that was first developed around 1972 and it is still popular today. One of reasons that contribute to the popularity of C is machine independence. Software developed with C can run on many different hardware and software platforms.

In this C programming language tutorial, you will start with the basic knowledge required to get up and running with C. Then you will learn some basic and advanced concepts of C programming language(along with workable examples and samples projects) including C variables and data types, operators and expressions, conditional statements or decision making, loops or repetitions, function, array, structure, string manipulation methods, memory management, file stream and sample programs source code.

To develop software with C programming language, you will need one of C editors. In this tutorial i recommend you to download and install Dev-C++ IDE or the latest version. You can download it from the link below:


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amazing tutorials really appreciate!!

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This website is awesome thank you vert much

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That is a good guide to C programming language.

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