C exercises and solutions: C structure add fractions

C structure: add fractions exercise

Write a C program to add two fractions and display the result fraction. Your program will prompt the user to input fraction 1 and fraction 2. The numerator and denominator of each fraction are input separately by space.  See the example output below:

  Enter fraction 1(numerator denominator): 1 2
  Enter fraction 2(numerator denominator): 2 5
  Result: 9/10 


typedef struct
        int num;
        int deno;
   Fract sum(Fract,Fract);
   int main()
     int num1,deno1,num2,deno2;
     printf("Enter fraction 1: numerator denominator:");
     printf("Enter fraction 2:numerator denominator:");
     Fract f1={num1, deno1}; // fraction 1
     Fract f2 ={num2, deno2};//fraction 2
     Fract result = sum(f1, f2);//sum the fractions
     printf("Result=%d/%d",result.num,result.deno);  //display the result
     return 0;
   Fract sum(Fract f1, Fract f2)
     Fract result={(f1.num * f2.deno) + (f2.num * f1.deno), f1.deno * f2.deno};
     return result;


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