VB.NET tutorial-Class Methods

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Class Methods

Method is a member of a class that can be called to perform a specific task. You can call the method when you create the object of the class. You can read this page VB.NET_OOP_Create_Objects.htm to learn how to call the method. A method can accept parameters so that values can be passed to the method. You can write parameters for method as you did with the sub-procedure and function. If you don't know how to write parameters for a sub-procedure or function, please read this page VB.NET_Sub-Procedure_Function_Parameters.htm


Module Module1
    Sub Main()
    End Sub
    Class Student

        Private stnumber As Integer
        Private stname As String
        Private stsex As String

        Public Sub setnumber()
            Console.WriteLine("Enter student's number:")
            stnumber = CInt(Console.ReadLine)
        End Sub
        Public Sub printnumber()
            Console.WriteLine("Student's number is:" & stnumber)
        End Sub
    End Class
End Module


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