VB.NET tutorial-Count upper lower case letters in string

String Manipulation

Count upper lower case letters in string

You can use the IsUpper(char c) or IsLower(char c) methods to check a character if it is an upper case or it is a lower case letter.


Module Module1

Sub Main()

  Dim st As String = "Visual Basic Programming"
  Dim arr() As Char = st.ToCharArray()
  Dim countupper As Integer = 0
  Dim countlower As Integer = 0
  Dim i As Integer

  For i = 0 To arr.Length - 1
    If Char.IsUpper(arr(i)) Then
      countupper = countupper + 1
    ElseIf Char.IsLower(arr(i)) Then
       countlower = countlower + 1
    End If


  Console.WriteLine("Number of upper case letters:" & countupper)
  Console.WriteLine("Number of lower case letters:" & countlower)


End Sub

End Module


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