Python tutorial- development requirements

Development Requirements

Before you can start programming, you need to install Python 2.5 or never package. Under windows, you need Python installer file (e.g. python-2.5.1.msi). You can download this file from the various web sites especially from site. If you are Linux user, you may need helps from the webs to get the package and to install it. After you completely install it, you can start it by clicking on IDLE (Python GUI) from start menu to launch it.

 python IDLE

Of course, you may need additional packages to be installed. Installing only Python package is a good place to start while you still have a long way to walk. I will tell you the additional packages you need to install when we need them later.

Now let’s print Hello World on the screen by writing the following code:
>>>print 'Hello World'
And you will get Hello World immediately after pressing enter.
>>> print 'Hello World'
Hello World

If you want to print a long string than spans several lines, you can use triple quotes instead of single quote or double quotes.

>>> print '''Learning C++ programming language is a bit hard.
Learn Python programming language is more funny.'''
Learning C++ programming language is a bit hard.
learn Python programming language is more funny.


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