Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial: select sheet tab

Select sheet tab

III. Select sheet tab

In Excel 2007, you have two ways to select tab: selecting a sheet tab and selecting all sheet tabs.

III.1. Selecting a sheet tab

When you open Excel, there are three sheets in the Excel window. The first sheet is selected. If you intend to select other sheets, click any sheet you want to select. For example, you want to Sheet3. So you have to click Sheet3.

Excel 2007 select sheet3

III.2. Selecting all sheet tabs

You can set all sheets to have the same data and formats such as themes, font, font size, font color, font style (regular, italic, bold, bold italic), underline (single, double, single accounting, double accounting), margin, page orientation, page size, and other formats. To do what we mention, you need to select all sheets by doing the following:

- Right-click any sheet

- Click Select All Sheets

Excel 2007 select all sheets



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