Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial: rename worksheet

Rename worksheet

IV. Rename worksheet

Naming worksheet to suit with the work in the worksheet is an important thing that you have to do because it helps you label your works so different worksheets may not look confused.  To rename worksheet name, do the following:

- Double-click any sheet you want to rename.

- Enter a new name

- Press Enter key

Excel 2007 double-click sheet


- Right-click any sheet

- Click Rename

Excel 2007 right-click sheet

- Enter a new name

- Press Enter key


- Click any sheet you want to rename.

- In the Home tab, in the Cells group, click drop-down arrow in front of Format, and then click Rename Sheet under Organize Sheets.

Excel 2007 Rename Sheet tool

- Enter a new name, and then press Enter key.

For example, you want to rename Sheet 201 to Student List. Do one among the three ways above. The worksheet name after you renamed is shown below:

Excel 2007 rename sheet name



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