Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial: enter data in the worksheet cells

Enter data in the worksheet cells

XXIII. Enter data in the worksheet cells

On a worksheet, you can enter numbers, text, dates or times in a cell, in multiple cells at once, on more than one worksheet, or in several worksheets or all worksheets at the same time.

XXIII.1. Enter numbers or text

- Click any cell on the worksheet.

- Type the numbers or text that you want, and then press Enter key or Tab key.

For example, you want to enter "Excel" and "2007" in cell A1 and cell B1. To do this task, do the following:

- Click cell A1, and then type "Excel".

- Press Tab to move cell pointer to cell B1, and then type "2007".

- Press Enter or Tab

Excel 2007 enter number and text in a cell


- If you want to enter data in several cells, use Tab key to move the selection one cell to the right and then use Enter key at the end of the cell. When you press Enter, the selection moves down one cell to the beginning of the next row. For the direction of the Tab key, you cannot change, but you can specify the different direction of Enter key by doing the following:

1. Click Office Button

2. Click Excel Options

Excel Option dialog box appears.

3. Click Advanced

4. Under the Editing Options, tick After pressing Enter, move selection check box, and then click the arrow to choose the direction in the Direction box.

Excel 2007 change direction of Enter key

- In Microsoft Office Excel, you sometimes may see a cell displays ####. This sign indicates that the cell contains data that has a number format which is wider than the column width. To see all text, you need to increase the column width. If you don't know to how to increase the width of column, see Change the column width.

- If the numbers do not need to be calculated, such as telephone numbers, you can format them as text by applying the Text format to empty cells before you enter the numbers. To format numbers as text, do the following:

1. Select the empty cells that you want to apply as text

2. On the Home tab, in the Number group, click drop-down arrow next to General, scroll down the scroll bar of the Format Types menu to find Text format, and then click Text.

Excel 2007 format number as text

- You are able to display multiple lines of text in a cell by wrapping the text. To wrapping the text, follow the procedure below:

1. Click the cell that you want to wrap the text

2. On the Home tab, in the Alignment group, click Wrap Text Excel 2007 wrap text icon.

- In Excel, a number that displays in a cell is different from the number that stores in the cell. When you type a number is rounded, only the displayed number is rounded. Excel use the actual number that stored in the cell for the calculations, not the displayed number.

XXIII.2. Enter dates or time

- Click any cell on the worksheet.

- Type a date or time that you want, and then press Enter key or Tab key.

+ For the date, you can use a slash mark or a hyphen to separate each part of a date. For example, type 09/23/2013 or 23-Sep-2013.

+ For the time set the 12-hour clock, you need to type the time, then a space, and then a or p. For example, 7:00 p. Otherwise, the time is set as AM automatically.


- To enter the current date, you can use Today function or press Ctrl +; (semicolon). For using the Today function, you need to type equal sign, and then Today and its bracket (=Today()).

- To enter the current time, press Ctrl +Shift +; (semicolon).

- If you want your worksheet staying the current time or date when you reopen it, you can use Now and Today functions.

- To set a date or time in a cell to the default date or time format, click the cell that contains the date or time, and then press Ctrl +Shift +# or Ctrl +Shift +@.

XXIII.3. Enter the same data into several cells at once

- Select the cells that you want to enter the same data

- Type the data, and then press Ctrl +Enter

For example, you want the cells to display the words "Welcome Cambodia" as the figure below:

Excel 2007 enter the same data in cells

According to the figure the words "Welcome Cambodia" display in six cells. To do this task, follow the procedure below:

1. Select the six cells

2. Type the words "Welcome Cambodia"

3. Press Ctrl +Enter


- If the column width does not fit the contents in the cell, change the column width. How to change the column width.

- You can also use the fill handle to fill the same data into several cells. To use the fill handle, do the following:

1. Click the cell, and then type the data which you want to display.

2. Click the cell data, and then drag the fill handle across the cells that you want to fill.

Excel 2007 the fill handle

XXIII.4. Enter the same data on other worksheets

- Click the sheet tab that contains data; hold-down Ctrl while you click other sheet tabs into which you want to fill the data.

- Click the cells which you entered the data.

- On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Fill, and then click Across Worksheets.

Excel 2007 fill across worksheets

The Fill Across Worksheets dialog box appears:

Excel 2007 Fill Across Worksheet dialog box

- Click the option which you want under Fill, and then click Ok.

Note: To cancel a selection of multiple selected sheets, click any unselected sheet.

XXIII.5. Enter the same data on multiple worksheets or all worksheets at once

Sometimes you want two worksheets, five worksheets or all worksheets in a workbook containing the same data. You can do it at the same time in Excel by doing the following:

- Select the sheet tabs or all sheet tabs which you want to type data

- Enter the data in any selected worksheet.

- Press Tab key to move one cell to the right, and press Enter key at the end of the cell.

For example, you want all worksheets in the Book1 workbook containing a student list. The student list consists of Student ID, Student Name, Sex, and Date of Birth columns, and a few rows of students' information as the figure:

Excel 2007 Student List

To do this task, follow the procedure below:

1. On the worksheet, select all sheet tabs by right-clicking any sheet tab, and then click Select All Sheets on the shortcut menu.

2. Enter the data as the figure in any selected worksheet.

Note: To cancel a selection of all sheets, click any inactive sheet.



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