Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial: edit cell contents

Edit cell contents

XXIV. Edit cell contents

If you edit the contents, you can edit them directly in a cell or in the formula bar. . To edit the contents in the cell, do the following:

1. Place the contents in editing mode by doing following:

- Double-click the cell that contains the contents or click the cell contents, and then click anywhere on the formula bar. You will see the insertion point positions anywhere in the cell or formula bar.


- Normally, if you are in editing mode, some commands on the Ribbon are inactive and you will not be able to use them

- You can move the insertion point to the end of the cell contents by clicking the cell, and then press F2.

2. Edit the contents by doing one of the following:

- If you want to delete characters, click where you want to delete them, and then press Backspace, or select them, and then press Delete key.

- If you want to insert characters, click where you want to insert them, and then type the new characters.

- If you want to replace the specific characters, select them, and then enter the new characters.

- To turn on Overtype  mode, press Insert, when you turn it on, the existing characters will replace by the new the characters while you type.

- To start a new line of text at a specific point inside a cell, click where you want to insert a line break, and then press Alt +Enter.

3. Press Enter to accept the changes.

Notes: You can cancel the changes you made on the cell contents as follow:

- Press ESC before you press Enter key.

- Click Undo Excel 2007 Undo command on the Quick Access Toolbar after you press Enter key.



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