Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial: what is excel?

What is Excel?

I. What is Excel?

Excel is an application in the 2007 Microsoft Office System that was created by Microsoft. Excel 2007 is a helpful application in general accounting such as salary list entry, staff list entry, student list entry and so on. In addition, Excel 2007 has the ability to find and calculate the data easily and fast; in Excel 2007, you can use charts such as column chart, pie chart, line chart, bar chart, area chart, and other charts to present data that is easy for user to look. All in all, Excel 2007 can help you to find data, calculate data, and do other works effectively. If you have a small business, you no need to use database application; using Excel is enough. To use Excel 2007, you need to open it. In opening Excel 2007, you have a few ways; you can follow one among the following ways:

1. Click Start button--> All Programs--> Microsoft Office--> Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Excel 2007 open Ms.Excel

2. If you see the Excel 2007 icon on the desktop, double click it or if you see the Excel 2007 icon on the status bar, click it.

3. Click Start button--> All Programs--> Accessories--> Run--> type "excel" in the Open text box of the Run dialog box--> Ok

Excel 2007 run Ms.Excel

Note: In the third way, it is used for Window 7.


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