Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial: understand excel window

Understand Excel window

II. Understand Excel window

After you follow one among the three ways of opening Microsoft Excel 2007, you will get window of Excel 2007 as the figure below:

Excel 2007 interface

Excel opens a workbook with three sheets and the default active tab is Home tab. The figure below demonstrates the important elements of Excel 2007 window that you should know if you intend to learn Excel.

Excel 2007 elements of Excel window

- Office Button: It is a tool that you use to create new workbook, save workbook, open existing workbook, convert workbook to xml file format, send workbook through email, lock workbook, and so on.

- Title Bar: It displays name of workbook and application (Microsoft Excel) that you are using.

- Minimize Button: It is used to minimize the Excel window.

- Maximize Button: It is used to maximize the Excel window.

- Close Button: It is used to close the Excel application.

- Name Box: It identifies the selected cell, chart item, or drawing object.

- Formula Bar: A bar at the top of the Excel window that it is used to enter or edit values or formula in cells or charts.

- Column Heading: It displays the name of columns (e.g. A, B, C, etc.).

- Row Heading: It displays the order of rows (e.g.1, 2, 3, etc.).

- Column: A standing or vertical row that has 256 columns in a work sheet.

- Row: A horizontal row that has 65,536 rows in a worksheet.

- Cell Pointer: It is a cell that can be movable and has a dark black color. It specifies the location for data entry, edit data, delete data and so on.

- Vertical Scroll Bar: A standing scroll bar. It is used to scroll  the screen up and down.

- Horizontal Scroll Bar: A parallel scroll bar to the Excel 2007 window. It is used to scroll the screen to left or to right.

- Zoom: It is a tool that is used to zoom out or zoom in the worksheet. The smallest size of zooming is 10 percent of screen while the largest size of zooming is 400 percent of screen.



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