Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial: open workbook

Open Workbook

IV. Open Workbook

When you want to edit or continue your works in an existing workbook, you need to open it. To open an existing workbook, follow the steps below:

Suppose you are in Excel window

- Click Office Button

- Click Open or Press Ctrl+O

Excel 2007 open existing workbook

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 displays the Open dialog box as the figure:

Excel 2007 Open dialog box

If you cannot see any existing workbook (Excel file) that you intend to open in the File List (on the right), click drive or folder in the Navigation Pane (on the left). Then, click the intended workbook. Lastly, click Open button.

In the Open button, there are a few options that you should know. Those options are shown in the figure below:

Excel 2007 Open options

- Open: Open your workbook (Excel file) in normal mean that you can make change, delete or add data in the workbook.

- Open Read-Only: Open a workbook in a way that cannot modify the data, you can just only read.

- Open as Copy:  When you select this option, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 will copy and set a new name to the open file automatically.

- Open in Browser: Open your workbook in browser.

- Open and Repair: When your workbook has problem that cannot open in a few options above, this option is suitable.


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