Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorial: format cells number tab

Format cells number tab

You can use the Format Cells dialog box to format the contents of the selected cells. The Format Cells dialog box consists of the following tabs:

I. Number tab

In this tab, there are the following options:

- Category: Select an option in the Category box to to specify the number format that you want. The Sample box shows appearance of the selected cells with formatting that you choose. If you want to create your own custom formats for number, such as Date/Time, click Custom.

- Sample: Displays the number in the active cell in the number format that you choose.

- Decimal places: You can specify up 30 decimal places. This box is used for the Number, Accounting, Currency, Percentage, and Scientific categories only.

- Use 1000 Separator (,): Check this check box to add thousand separator. This box is used only for the Number category.

- Negative Numbers: Specify the negative format for the number that you selected. This box is used only for the Number and Currency categories.

- Symbol: You can select the currency symbol that you want to in the box. This box is used only for the Currency and Accounting categories.

- Type: Allows you to select the display type that you want to use for a number. This list box is available only for the Date, Time, Fraction, Special, and Custom categories.

- Locale (location): You can select a different language for the display type of a number that you want. This box is available only for the Date, Time, and Special categories.

Excel 2007 Format Cells number tab



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