VBA example - Microsoft Access: maximize form and controls

VBA Maximize Form and Controls

In this example, you will learn VBA Docmd.Maximize method to open a form in full screen mode. The Controls collection is used to access the controls that are placed on the form. The controls will be moved to the middle of the form except title Label(Name: lbltitle).  In addition, the font name and font size of the controls are set to Times New Roman and 15 (respectively). You will need to create and design a form as shown below.

 VBA example - Microsoft Access VBA Domcmd and Control(s) Student Form  

The VBA code for this example: 

Option Explicit

Option Compare Database

Private Sub Form_Load()

' Open form in full screen


lblTitle.FontSize = 30 ' Title text

' Move controls to the middle of the form

Dim i As Integer

Dim cnt As Control

Dim t As Integer

Dim l As Integer

For i = 0 To Controls.Count - 1

Set cnt = Controls.Item(i)

If cnt.Name <> "lblTitle" Then

t = cnt.Top

l = cnt.Left

cnt.Move l + 3500, t + 600

cnt.Width = 5000  ' Expand the controls

cnt.FontName = "Times New Roman" 

cnt.FontSize = 15

End If


End Sub


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