Microsoft Access 2007 tutorial:form properties

Form properties

III. Form Properties

When you create a form, you have to know its properties. Its property are important for you to organize your created form.

A form has a lot of its properties, but we take some necessary properties to study in this tutorial. Those properties include Caption, Record Selectors, Navigation Buttons, Scroll Bars, Border Style Moveable, Pop Up and Modal.

III.1. Caption

It is used to set or not set caption to form. For instance, you want to set "Form Wizard" to form wizard(frmFormWizard). To set caption to form, you have to follow the steps:

- Open the form you would like to set caption in design view.

- Click Design tap--> Property Sheet

Microsoft Access 2007 Property Sheet


- Press F4


- Hold Alt Key + Enter


- Double-click on the left top side of a form as figure below

Microsoft Access 2007 Caption Property

- Click Microsoft Access 2007 View Icon to display a form as figure below

Microsoft Access 2007 Form View

III.2. Record Selectors

As you can see Record Selectors on form view figure above. They have two value Yes and No.

- Yes: Sets Record Selectors to each record.

- No: Each record has no Record Selector.

III.3. Navigation Buttons

Navigation Buttons property has two values Yes and No.

- Yes: It displays Navigation Buttons that allows user to move record forward or backward, filter data or search data.

- No: It does not display Navigation Buttons that allow user to move record, filter data or search data.

III.4. Scroll Bars

Scroll Bars property have four values include Neither, Horizontal Only, Vertical Only, Both.

- Neither: It does not display any scroll bars.

- Horizontal Only: It display only Horizontal bar that lets user scroll to left and right.

- Vertical Only: It shows only Vertical bar that lets user scroll up and down.

- Both: It illustrates both Horizontal and Vertical bars.

III.5. Border Style

Border Style property has four values such as:

- None: A form does not have a border. Form caption and control box is hidden and the form's dimension cannot resize.

- Thin: A form has a thin border and its dimension cannot resize.

- Sizable: A form has a border and its dimension can resize.

- Dialog: It has a border and its function is the same thin style form border.

III.6. Moveable

This property has tow values:

- Yes: It allows you can move your form to any where on database window .

- No: It does not allow you to move your form.

III.7. Pop Up

Pop Up property has two values:

- Yes: It allows a form can pop up on database window.

- No: A form cannot pop up on database window.

III.8. Modal

Modal property is used with Pop Up property. It has two values too.

- If you view a form that you set Modal is Yes and Pop up is Yes, you can view only this form.

-In opposite, If you view a form that you set Modal is No and Pop up is Yes, you can view other forms.


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